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PVC windows

A window is not an item that can be easily replaced if the purchase is not very successful. Even a specialist cannot determine the quality of a window "by eye". Therefore, when buying plastic windows, the consumer is guided primarily by the reputation of the manufacturer and does not want to use the services of intermediaries.

   The Alcores-Design factory uses the highest quality materials and components for PVC structures:

• profiles for PVC windows:

              ► VEKA (Germany) (More)

              ► ARtec (Germany) (More)
• Accessories and mechanisms:
               ► equipment: Siegenia (Germany) (More)
               ► accessories: Hoppe (Germany)

   We have the following types of double-glazed windows that can be modeled depending on the need and purpose:

►Optimax - ratio: price-quality (More)
►AcousticPlus - soundproof windows (More)
►EnergyPlus - energy efficient windows (More)
►SolarPlus - sun-protection windows (More)
►SecurityPlus - anti-burglary windows (More)
►KinderPlus - windows for child safety (More)

   Quality materials and installation, in accordance with all technologies and standards in this area, provide durability and warranty.


PVC doors

  Recently, there is a tendency to replace old models of wooden or metal doors with PVC doors, which are of high quality, high reliability and excellent protective and safety properties. For any home, office or commercial enterprise, you can choose this integral attribute of the interior and exterior, which will open up more possibilities for optimizing the space and competently completing the style of both the exterior and interior.

   For PVC doors are used:

• PVC systems - German production
                         ► Veka (More)
                         ► ARtec (More)

• Fittings - Siegenia KFV, GU - of European origin
• High quality fittings - European production.
   Alcores-Design produces the following types of doors:

► Entrance doors (More)
► Balcony doors (More)
► Sliding doors VekaSlide (More)
► Parallel sliding doors (More)

   Follow the links and find out more about the option you need ...

Aluminum windows

     Aluminum windows are durable and endurance: stability and ability to carry out large-scale work. Such structures are used for interior and exterior work in private houses, offices, production halls, etc. We use profiles and fittings from suppliers such as:

       • Cortizo (Spain)
       • Alumil (Europe)
       • Alutech (Belarus)

      Elegant profile shapes, colors and accessories for windows and doors differ in design from one construction to another.


Aluminum doors

    Recently, wooden doors are a thing of the past. Aluminum doors are becoming more and more popular. The reason is simple: compared to wood, aluminum is a stable material that remains in its original state under various environmental conditions. These types of doors can have different configurations and designs, which can be used both for private houses and for commercial premises, industrial workshops. There are interior and exterior doors.

    There are two types of aluminum door systems:
- Cold - systems used for indoor or outdoor construction in unheated rooms.
- Warm - systems that are designed for heated rooms and require the highest possible energy efficiency.

(To learn more)

Glass facade

Alcores-Design produces glass and aluminum facades (curtain walls) of a modern look, with excellent thermal and sound insulation qualities, but especially with many design and style options. This is the best solution for the construction of offices or banks, as well as commercial premises, internal fences or for the construction of roof windows.

   Engineers recommend aluminum profile joinery for facades with large openings and inclined structures.

   Advantages: erosion resistance, durability and a high level of rigidity of aluminum profiles, which provides a lightweight structure and at the same time a solid appearance with very high strength.

   Aluminum facades are divided into 3 types (more details):

► Classic systems
► Semi-structural systems
► Structural systems

   For more information, follow the link or call and ask for advice from our specialists. We offer complex services: consultations, design, manufacture, installation and warranty.

Sliding systems

    Keeping pace with the times, Alcores-Design will offer sliding systems that can be installed in panoramic mesh walls. This way you get maximum light, visually enlarge your space and gain access to the terrace or other spaces inside. Such systems are reliable, rigid, made in a modern and minimalist style, they can be part of any interior at will, since they can be of different configurations and colors.

    Sliding systems are divided into several types:
• Sliding exterior doors in Aluminum and PVC.
• Interior sliding doors (More)
• Harmonious doors (More)

To get professional advice and a price offer, call our specialists.


Office partitions

   We manufacture and install with maximum efficiency and at the best prices office partitions made of PVC or aluminum without thermal barrier.

   Office partitions made of aluminum or PVC make it possible to effectively divide open space inside buildings under construction or renovation. The profiles are mounted on any type of floor, the height of the wall can be up to the ceiling, but also lower.

   The glass for office partitions that we use is simple or reliable glass (duplex or toughened), double-glazed windows of different widths and different thicknesses (for sound insulation), transparent, frosted, with an ornament and with a non-standard pattern.

   Glass / panel / polycarbonate partitions for separating counters and narrow spaces:
• low height for an office partition;
• partitions for long balconies with and without a walk-through door;
• partitions for the living room with sliding doors;
• secretarial dividers + frosted glass with an inscription (glued on, wrapped or factory sandblasted).

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